Parchment taweez for livelihood and wealth

taweez for money and wealth

This item is made in certain hour and day of the Arabic month. It is not normal paper taweez. It is written with special roohani inks on a halal goatling skin parchment. It`s size is 30×7 cm and comes with small wooden box.

This item is not for wearing by individual but it has to be place in workplace, in shop, in place of business ( office) or in home. Several taweez are combined in it for powerful effect.

Its benefits are countless.
It bring acceptance in society, help comes from everywhere, respect and fame by all individuals – collegues, friends, relatives and business partners.

With this item – livelihood expands, more clients and orders for business, appearing of new opportunities – good job proposals, new business offers.
Finding a suitable job, rise in career fast and smoothly – without any problems.

Flow of abundance of wealth from everywhere and unlocking of luck to receive all material blessings in this world.

taweez for wealth

150 USD