Parchment taweez for total power of Riwgari

Ring with djinn

This unique item was firstly created by one of the masters of Naqshbandi sufi order - Muhammad Arif Riwgari in year 1208 after hard meditation.
We have found this talisman in one of the ancient books of the order before several years.

It is made on a halal goatling parchment in exact time period. We need about two weeks to create this item because of its complexity, following the ancient rules, using special spiritual ink. This talisman is completely safe and works for anyone, no matter of religion or ethnicity. It can be put on a wall or on a shelf in home or office.

The benefits of this wall taweez are countless, but here are the main of them:

1. Career advancment at your job;
2. Get higher salary;
3. New job opportunities;
4. More clients in your shop and more sales;
5. You will get fame and glory if you are politic, writter, painter, actor or singer;
6. If you are businessman - you will be victorious in all your endevours and your company will be well known;
7. You will be highly respected and loved by all people in the society;
8. Every work will be done easily and without any efforts;
9. You will be successfull in all negotiations, no matter if you are doing business deals or taking bank loans;
10. You luck will be open greatly and you will be surrounded by prosperity and abundance;
11. You will have long and peacefull life;
12. Riches will come to you from known and unknown sources;
13. Surprising positive events will start to occur;
14. Every project that you`re involved in, will be successfull;
15. Your business, your office and your home will be protected from every enemy and every evil in this world;
16. It will help you develope your intuition and a lot of divine secrets will be revealed for you;
17. If you have a court trial against you, you will won it;
18. If you have fight in your home or office, this item will bring peace and harmony between the family members, collegues and business partners;
19. Anyone who owes you money will return his debt to you;
20. It will bring success in every field of your life and all your life plans will be accomplished.

The size of this wall taweez is 30x21 cm.

The price of this really unique item is 300 USD