Taweez for separation, hate and divorce

taweez for separation, hate and divorce

Your ex is dating with another person and they seemed to be so happy together. Ok, but why he has to be happy? He left you and ruin your life and he is with someone else!

Other situation - your crush has a partner which you want to get away. Or third situation - you want to separate your partner from his influencing family which he listens for everything.

In all this cases the taweez for separation can be used with great success. For separation of lovers, family members, in-laws, business partners or friends - this taweez will bring discord hate, and separation between the people.This taweez will break any haram relationship!

Note that there are two requirements for this item:

1. To make the taweez we need the names and mother names of the persons you want to be separated.
2. The item should be put neart one of the couple.

If this requirements can`t be followed, we suggest you to look for more powerful separation options in our ritual section.

It`s price is only 55 US dollars including worldwide shipping!