Ring with djinn king Barqan Abu al-Adjayb

Ring with djinn

This here is a very special ring with a very special creature envoked in it - the djinn king Barqan Abu al-Adjayb or also known as Two Thunders or father of Wonders.

It is very special item because this djinn king is maybe the most hard creature to be envoked. But once it is envoked - there is nothing that can stop him for accomplish the tasks that you give him. Under his command are about 2,500.000 marid djinns. This speaks clearly of his might.

Usually he is been drawed on a pictures with black sking and horns like devil sitting and explaining to people t5he divine secrets of the world. Despite of his daemon-like vision on the ancient manuscripts - this creature looks like any black colour man...and there are no horns on his head.

What are the benefits of this creature and the ring:

1. He is a granting wishes - of course for the bigger ones - it takes more time;
2.He is a luck-opener;
3. He can teach you divine secrets - a lot of them;
4. He can show you unknown things from the past and from the future;
5. He can show you where unguarded treasures are and how to get them;
6.If you are interested for a person - it can show you what the person is doing at the moment.

It`s price is just 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!