Ring with marid djinn king Murrah al-Abyad

Ring with djinn

Here is a ring with envoked in it the djinn king of the Moon - Murrah al-Abyad Abu al-Harith or as it is known - the white one and father of the Light. We evoke the djinn king in a special time during the month and the students knows how hard it is to evoke it.

Usually he is been drawed on a pictures as an old wrinkled djinn with yellow skin.This djinn king came from the tribe of Marid - this is the oldest djinn tribe. They are the giant kings of the djinn, but still taking a humanoid shape.

These beings hold the only magic known to be used by the djinn: Wish granting. And because of this they are so special. With this ring any of your worldly wishes will come true without any problem, no matter if we are talking about love,reunite,money and wealth, become millionaire, punishing enemies, revenge, ultimate protection and so on. This djinn ring is completely safe, it cannot harm anyone.

It`s price is just 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!