About Salam Burdu, taweez and amliyat

From thousands of of years the humans had tried to change their destiny in one or another way. Especially when the odds get impossible and there is a small chance for success. In such cases the people had tried to summon extraordinary forces to help them. In the arab world these forces were well known even before the rise of Islam. And with the centuries of esablishing the religion, a whole new spiritual world appear with the help of the sufis. World of the arabic mustic practices - roohania, wrongly called in the western world - arabic magic. In difference of the widely proclaimed western magic, the arabic magic don`t rely on a fake wishful thinking for successful outcome but on a highly effective prayers, chants and specific rules to summon the spiritual forces. Due to this, the arabic magic is very effective for almost all problems in this world and helped thousands of people across the globe.

Salam Burdu - spiritual healer

We are group of spiritual schoolars, part of the Qadiriyyah sufi order and our teacher sheikh peer Salam Hassan Al Burdu. We are located in the mountains between Bulgaria and North Macedonia in the moment. We are specialized in the arabic and islamic spiritual and mystic practices for more than 14 years and help a countless amount of people from every religion and ethnicity!

We work with people all over the world, the time for delievery depends from the distance of the country. It varies from 10 to 25 work days. Note that we are using the cheapest postal services ( no courier), because we don`t want to charge the people in need.Every item comes to you with simple instructions to follow.

What is difference between us and the others?

First of all - we are standing in front of you with our faces. We are not anonymous, we are not hiding! This is enough proof that we are real and not a fraud. All internet is full with magicians, spell casters, peer, amil baba and so on ,which do not show their names. Why? Why they are hiding? If they are so powerful spell casters and amils, why don`t they show their names? Are they affraid from something or they are just fake and scammers?

Second - We are PAYPAL CERTIFIED! Which other amil or peer has a paypal certification? This is a proof that our items are real, we are real. We are not like the fake spell casters and amils, which are using western union only to rob your money until they got caught!

Third - when we make your work - especially the rituals - we always send some taweez ( talisman) connected with the ritual and a photos for proof of our work. The other spell casters (amils) usually are saying - "we did amal(ritual) for you!". How do you know that they did such amal if they don`t show you any proof?

taweez infographic

Who are our clients?

In the years, we got thousands of clients - from different countries, from different social levels,from different religion and ethnicity. Poor people, rich people, famous people, hollywood actors, ordinary people. We cannot refuse to help anyone because our power come from Allah S.A.T. and for him - we all are equal!

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