Ring with jinn king Shamhurish

Ring with jinn king Shamhurish

The jinn king Abu al-Walid Shamhurish - father of the New Born or at-Tayyar. Shamhurish’s son Dahnash appears in A Thousand and One Nights as an Ifrit. Some accounts claim Shamhurish actually died in the early modern era. He is venerated as a saint in some parts of Morocco by many ministers, pashas, and civil servants. There is a shrine in his honor with his remains near the village of Aroumd, Morocco.

Interesting fact is that maybe this is the only jinn who got remains in our physical world. Shamhurish has been recognized as a jinn who crossed paths with Prophet Muhammad, and subsequently converted, later becoming a Qadi (judge).

With this jinn king ring , you will always be protected, especially when you are alone in a desert place – in such time the protection will come to you as a divine miracle through his djinn servants. With this ring – all your needs will be satisfied, you will no longer has to worry about hunger for you and your family. Abundance will come to you like a miracle from different surprising and unknown places.

All the works of this jinn king are happen as a miracles – so don`t be surprised when things became to appear in your life.

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